Chapter 5: Crafting your Marketing Message

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How can you make a good first impression?

Your only given one chance to make a first impression, and often times it can make or break a new relationship with your customer. Your initial means of communication is your marketing message, a consistent, creative line that customers pick up when they first come in contact with your brand. While its easy to be succumbed into using that line to boast about your brand, customers really don’t want to hear it. What customers do want to hear, is a marketing message full of personality, promise, and contrast.

Chapter Five of The Marketing Plan Podcast will guide you through three principals to help you create the perfect brand message to seal the relationship with future customers. You can view Chapter Five’s notes here.

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How to Explain Your Brand

Many businesses get stalled because customers just don’t understand everything they have to offer. If that’s happening to your business, perhaps you have an explanation problem. This is the episode that will offer you a brand communication solution.

How to better explain your business

Guest: Lee Lefever, Co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation
Host: Jay Ehret, Dean of Marketing Know-How at The Marketing

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How To Explain Your Brand
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