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Episode 58: Using Your Instinct to Create a Remarkable Customer Experience

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Podcast Episode #58 – How to See Feel Think Do from author Shaun Smith 

It’s ironic that an entrepreneur will create a business based on a gut feeling and then eventually lose touch with that instinct over time. It’s an ingredient that is an important part of the entrepreneurial soul. It’s time to get back in touch with your instinct, because it’s key to creating a remarkable customer experience. Author Shaun Smith is co-author of the book: See Feel Think Do: The Power of Instinct in Business. In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Smith dishes the inspiration you need to follow your gut. It’s a powerful combination of sound advice and practical examples.

Guest: Shaun Smith, author and customer experience consultant, London, England
29 minutes

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Show Notes:


“When I look at organizations and I look at great experiences, it’s often more to do with the DNA than the MBA. It’s often more to do with the passion, than it is with the intellect.”

“We get so caught up in the complexity of our lives. We get so caught up with doing business, that actually the very simple things that cause humans to behave in the way they do, get overlooked.”

“How often do we actually sit down and think: “What would it look like, if it were better? What would it look like if we were to just change the rules?”

“You have more to learn, and more to fear, from your comparators than you do your competitors.”

“So the doing part is actually having the courage of your conviction, of being able to turn those ideas, those observations, those insights into a process that actually creates that different kind of experience.”

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