Belief in Your Business

How do I become a successful business? Show me the steps! Maybe it’s not the steps you really need. Maybe what’s missing is belief: yours and your customers’.

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Businesses continue to sell their brand using the attention strategy: trying to capture people’s attention in a crowded marketplace. A strategy that mostly fails. You know it’s time for a new strategy, but do you believe? In his short, powerful book, The Business of Belief, Tom Asacker explores the motivation behind how you run a business, and why customers would want to buy from you.

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, we snag Asacker for a discussion on desires, beliefs and how to approach business decisions with your true passion.

Guest: Tom Asacker – Entrepreneur, Consultant, Author
Host: Jay Ehret – Dean of Marketing Know-How,
Length: 26 minutes

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Selected Tom Asacker Quotes from the Show

“Belief is what drives people’s actions, not their understanding.”

“We are somehow drawn by this notion that people are rational actors. Like computers; we’re thinking machines. But that Idea could not be further from the truth.”

“I think every CEO, every business owner, should employ a court jester, someone who can just tell him the truth, because the people in the kingdom aren’t going to tell him.”

“There’s a big difference between what people say they want, what they rationalize to themselves and other people, and what they really want. That’s the business’s job to figure that out and then create and deliver that unexpressed desire.”

~ Tom Asacker

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