Episode 59: Marketers Roundtable 6 – Discussion of Current Marketing Issues

The Internet Show About Small Business Marketing

Hear ye, Hear ye! Interested citizens of The Internet, you are invited to the sixth gathering of the Marketers Roundtable.

Whereas marketers like to congregate and discuss marketing,
Therefore, let them gather at The Marketers RoundTable to discuss marketing issues for all to hear on
Power to the Small Business.

Jay MiletskyMango! Creative Juice
Rich BeckerCopywrite, Ink
C.B. WhittemoreSimple Marketing Now
Jay Ehret The Marketing Spot (Podcast Host)

Length: 34 minutes

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Selected quotes from the show:


C.B. WHITEMORE: There are commodity products and then there are products that require greater engagement.

RICH BECKER: We don’t need to connect with everybody and every product and everything.

JAY EHRET: People don’t want to be social with every brand that’s in their cupboard.” “Marketers tend to make things more important than they really are.

JAY MILETSKY: What I think is important is to use social media not necessarily as a conversation piece at all times, but to use it as a listening piece.


JASON MILESTKY: “We’ve gotten so into this culture now of believing in the one-to-one communication, and the conversation with individual consumers, because social media allows it, we forget that scale is still important.”

RICH BECKER: “I think that’s where some of the consumers have had some push-back, is they feel like conversations are sometimes thrust upon them in the wrong venue.”

JAY EHRET:I don’t think there’s a way that you absolutely control and say 100% of the people who come in contact with this message are perfect targets for this message. We’re not that good in marketing yet.

CB WHITTEMORE:Traditional ways of reaching people and building brands should go hand in hand with the newer ways, the more social ways.


C.B. WHITTEMORE: “Social really offers a gift…in that there’s a renewed focus on people and customers vs. products.”

JAY MILETSKY: “There’s no way you’re going to be able to show an ROI model, so that social media will generate X amount of dollars immediately. What you can show, though, is how it’s going to enhance a traditional campaign and bring down the cost of all your other efforts, including HR, customer service and marketing.”

JAY EHRET: “I’m just not for meeting the needs of the people. Because you can’t discover what the needs of the people are, the people don’t even know what their needs are.”

RICH BECKER: “I think the most successful companies, 100% of the time are able to deliver a product that the customer doesn’t even know exists, or that they have a need for.”


RICH BECKER: “Generally (businesses) want to be better than the other guy. But that’s not necessarily something that’s worth pursuing, because you have to be different.”

C.B. WHITTEMORE: “An easier way to become different is to do it in small steps.”

JAY MILETSKY: “I don’t think it comes down to a matter of different or better, I think it comes down to a matter of successful.”

JAY EHRET: “The more you try to become better at something, the actual ‘less different’ you will really be.”

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Jay Miletsky: Mango! Marketing Juice @JayMIletsky on Twitter
Rich Becker: Copywrite, Ink@RichBecker on Twitter
C.B. Whittemore: Simple Marketing Now@CBWhittemore on Twitter
Jay Ehret:
The Marketing Spot@TheMarketingGuy on Twitter

Book Reference: Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd

Event: Transformational Branding at Optimization Summit

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