Hit the Ground Running: Jason Jennings’ Rules for New Entrepreneurs

Congratulations! You’re a new entrepreneur. Now what? Best-selling author Jason Jennings says you should get after it, Hit the Ground Running. In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Jason Jennings shares his rules for new entrepreneurs.

Guests: Jason Jennings – Best-selling author of Hit the Ground Running: A Manual for New Leaders
Length: 26 minutes

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Hit the Ground Running Show Notes

Jason Jennings’ Rules for New Entrepreneurs:

  1. Make your value proposition incredibly simple.
    – This is the business we’re in.
    – This is what we do.
    – Here’s who we bring value to.
    – Here’s how we positively impact lives.
    – Here’s how we monetize that.
    – Here’s how it’s good for everybody. 

    If you cannot answer these questions within 60 seconds, Jason says “You don’t have a business model worth sneezing at.”

  2. Everyone must know your strategy
    – Employees don’t know why they do what they’re doing.
    – They allow corners to be cut and illegal/unethical activities to be engaged.
    – They offer no accountability.
  3. Don’t waste time studying the competition.
    – Instead, study your customer.

Buy the Book: Hit the Ground Running
Jason Jennings Website: www.jason-jennings.com




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