Break From the Pack

Episode #5 of the internet show about small business marketing.

Competing in a Copycat Economy
Oren Harari says that most businesses live in Commodity Hell. Your products and services are quickly imitated by competitors large and small, and not just on a local level.

Break From The Pack by Oren Harari

Operating in a copycat economy means it’s harder to differentiate yourself, it’s harder to build your brand. But there is a way to break from the pack, and it’s called disciplined lunacy.

Being labeled insane is a badge of honor in a copycat economy. Lunacy means doing something that deviates from conventional wisdom. Tomorrow’s conventional wisdom comes from today’s nonconformists. But you must be able to execute and monetize the lunacy, and that’s where the discipline comes in.

Power To The Small Business – Episode #5: Break From The Pack


Guest: Oren Harari – Author, Speaker, Consultant, Professor
Topic: Competing and branding yourself in a copycat economy.
Length: 32 minutes


  • Why you need to continually reinvent what you do with customers.
  • How winners do strategy on the run.
  • You have an advantage because intangibles are more important than tangibles.
  • Is there enough fun in your business? People find it fun to create.

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