Chapter 2 – Level 1 Branding: Four questions to discover your brand story

Do you consider yourself a bullet point business, or a brand with a story?

In Chapter 2 of The Marketing Plan Podcast, I will guide you through four, Level 1 Branding Questions that will drill down into the essence of your brand. If you are wanting to build your brand story, begin by answering the following questions:

1. What is your core ideology? (what you believe)
2. What are your core values? (timeless guiding principles)
3. What is your mission? (your purpose and reason for being)
4. What is your vision? (what you will become)


Below is a Level 1 Branding worksheet that will allow you to evaluate and apply your ideology, values, mission, and vision to begin building your brand story.

Download the worksheet: Level 1 Branding Questions
Tune in to Chapter 2 for complete guidance through the questions, along with examples of answers.

Download Level 1 Branding Questions

Download Level 1 Branding Questions

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