Powering Down One Podcast – Launching Another

New marketing podcast is coming

After 99 episodes, Power to the Small Business will be changing. Actually this podcast will be powering down to make room for a new marketing podcast that I will launch next week, on April 24, 2014. I will post the first few episodes here so that you can get a taste of the new show to see if you like it.

Meantime, I invite you to listen to the most popular episode of the 99 that I produced. It features, Megan Duckett, the entrepreneur who founded Sew What, a theatrical curtain company in Southern California. Cool-sounding business, huh? Well it is, and Megan has a lot of marketing wisdom to share about how she turned Sew What into a powerful brand.

And, for your marketing learning pleasure, I present…

Top 5 Episodes of Power to the Small Business

  1. #39 – Megan Duckett; An Entrepreneurs View of Marketing
  2. #14 – Jim Morris: A Tagline is Your Best Brand Communication Tool
  3. #37 – Marketers Roundtable 1: A Discussion of Current Marketing Issues
  4. #40 – Tom Hopkins on the Sales-Marketing Mix
  5. #38 – Simon Salt: Building, Protecting, Destroying Your Online Brand

Remember to check back next week for my brand new marketing podcast. It will be filled with awesome content, and a plan to transform your business into the brand  you’ve always dreamed it could be!

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