Inspiring Word of Mouth With The Passion Conversation

Passion can go one way, but a conversation must go both ways. When it comes to word of mouth, If you want your customers to be passionate about you, then you have to reciprocate initiate. John Moore and Geno Smith take it up a notch in their new book: The Passion Conversation (co-authored with Robbin Phillips and Greg Cordell), saying that if you want passionate buzz about your business, you first have to love your customers.

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How far are you willing to go for your customers? And do you really care about them outside of their purchase from you? The more you care, the more love you show, the more passionate word of mouth your customers are willing to give in return. But where to start?

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, John Moore and Geno Church of Brains on Fire take a passionate dive into the business/customer relationship. They answer the tough questions and give practical examples of how it’s done.

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Selected Quotes from the Show

“A brand isn’t worthy of receiving love before they start showing love.”
~ John Moore

“If we have a better understanding of why people share and talk about what we do,  instead of (the conversation) being artificial, it’s authentic.”
~ Geno Church

“If a brand is to really make a connection and to spark word of mouth, they must speak to the customer like a friend.”
~ John Moore

“Doing business right, and purposeful, is going to be profitable.”
~ Geno Church

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