Two Sides of Search Engine Marketing

Every brand, every business, and every agency is either doing Search Engine Marketing or thinking about it. How can you not? 90% of adults use search engines, and 54% of them do daily. Thinking about it is easy, doing it effectively, is a little tougher.

search engine marketing podcast featuring bing ads

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, we give you two looks at search marketing: from the product side and the agency side. Two different guests will share the keys to search marketing success and tips on how to be more effective with your BingAds and Google AdWords campaigns.

John Gangon, Bing Ads Evangelist
Joe Kerschbaum, Client Strategis at 3Q Digital

Host: Jay Ehret, Dean of Marketing Know-How at
Length: 33 minutes

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Show Notes


    1. Get educated on what SEM is and how it works.
    2. Determine how SEM will work in your overall marketing strategy and your business.
    3. Review your website for
      1. A killer user experience
      2. Focus on conversions
      3. Proper tracking tools to gauge success of SEM


      1. Always make sure you thinking about what your customers are searching for and what messages will connect with that search. Then test 2-4 with those messages.
      2. Use negative keywords to eliminate search queries for which you do not want to show.
      3. Spend time thinking about how you group your keywords. Use 10-20 keywords in an adgroup, with 2-4 ads.


Do the four-second landing page test. Go to a friend or family member and show them the page. Within four seconds, shut the screen off, and ask them the question “What should you do?” after seeing that page? If they don’t know what they should do, how will your customer know?

Selected Quotes from the Show

“In the big picture of search marketing, I think that you do not have to be a search expert, but you really have to know your customers and you have to know your options available.”
~ John Gagnon, Bing Ads

“Search is so powerful and critical because what it allows you to do is reach customers when they are actively looking for your product.”
~ John Gagnon, Bing Ads

“We find in general, across the board with clients, that (Bing Ads) CPC’s tend to be lower, click-through rates tend to be a little bit higher, and CPA’S are a little bit lower, and ROI is better.”
~ Joseph Kerschbaum, 3Q Digital

“We can talk all day about keywords, ads and your bidding strategies, those are all important, but it all boils down to your website and your landing pages.”
~ Joseph Kerschbaum, 3Q Digital

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