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Podcast Episode #67: Jay Ehret describes how to build a brand.

Building a brand is the most important marketing function of a small business. Brands are psychological, emotional relationships between businesses and customers. A business with a strong brand has a distinct advantage over their competitors.

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, marketing consultant and podcast host Jay Ehret delivers a mini Branding Clinic for entrepreneurs. Using a brand-building checklist, Jay describes how you can build a brand for your business.  Brands help customers make choices by singling businesses out of a competitive industry landscape. Learn what a brand is, and the nine things you need to build a brand for your business..

Guest: Jay Ehret – Marketing Consultant, Waco, Texas
Length: 19 minutes

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  • A brand is a psychological, emotional relationship between customers and a business. To learn more, see: What is a Brand?
  • Use “inside-out thinking” to develop your brand.
  • There is no unique selling proposition. However, people are unique.
  • Develop your brand around your entrepreneurial spirit.

The Brand-Building Checklist

  1. Brand Mission: Clearly define the purpose of your business beyond the product or service you happen to sell.
  2. Brand Promise: What you promise to deliver to customers beyond the product or service you happen to sell.
  3. Personality: Just like people, brands have personalities. What adjective describes your brand’s personality?
  4. Tagline: Something that communicates your brand promise in sticky way. For more information on taglines, see: The Importance of Taglines in Branding
  5. Logo: A well-designed logo that is technically correct. For more information on logos see: The Importance of a Logo in Branding
  6. Branded Customer Experience: Integrate your brand promise and personality into the customer’s experience.
  7. Employee Hiring Criteria: Hire new employees that match your brand personality and can deliver your brand promise.
  8. Employee Brand Training: A planned program that teaches employees how to deliver the brand and a branded experience.
  9. Legitimacy: You don’t just market the brand you live the brand. Be who you promise to be.


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Jay Ehret’s Company Website: The Marketing Spot

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