Episode 38: Building, Protecting, Destroying Your Online Brand

15 years ago, branding was a lot different. Websites were new and shiny and there was no such thing as social media. Now, your brand is likely to be everywhere, and you must be diligent. In this episode of Power to the Small Business, we take a look at your brand online. Simon Salt of IncSlingers helps us understand how to build, protect, and avoid destroying, your online brand.

Building and Protecting Your Online Brand podcast

Guest: Simon Salt – CEO of IncSlingers, Austin, Texas
Length: 24 minutes

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Show Notes:

Selected quotes from Simon Salt:

“In the same way your brand exists in the real world, it very much exists in the online world.”

“The most obvious way to destroy your brand online is to disregard your audience.”

“People’s expectations now of a company… is that there’s going to be an element of interactivity.”

Show Links:

Simon Salt’s Company: IncSlingers
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