The Basics of Marketing: What are web analytics?

Your website traffic should not be a mystery. There are tools to help you track and analyze website traffic. Those tools are called web analytics.

Tina Bean is Sales & Marketing for VisiStat, a real time website visitor tracking service. In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Tina Bean explains what web analytics are and what they can do for your small business website. Tina says that, “everyone with a website needs web analytics.”

Guest: Tina Bean – Sales & Marketing Director, VisiStat

Length: 23 minutes

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Tina Bean: Show Notes on Web Analytics


Web analytics: The process of monitoring and tracking the activity on your website, presented in a simple and intuitive format.

These powerful tools allow you to measure, analyze and track everything that goes happens on your website. You can actually track all visitors back to their point of origination:

  • Referring links
  • Search Engine referrals
  • Geographic location of visitor
  • The physical location of each visitor’s computer
  • How site visitors move through your website
  • Quantify and measure advertising campaigns

How do you get web analytics on your website? By simply installing a tracking code on the website.

One of the best applications of web analytics is search engine optimization.

  1. Learn which keywords are driving traffic
  2. Receive trending reports on the performance of your keywords over time.
  3. View page-rank reports – Which keywords appear on page 1, 2, 3 of the search engine results.



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