Visual Thinking With Dan Roam

Dan Roam, Author of The Back of the Napkin
How much would you pay to become creative and innovative? You may only need to pay $16.47. That’s the Amazon price of DanRoam’s new book: The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. Roam contends that any problem can be solved with what he calls “visual thinking,” a simple system of drawing.
Don’t like your drawing ability? That’s ok, because Roam says it’s not artistic ability that matters. It’s time to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities with visual thinking. 

The Guest:
Dan Roam – Digital Roam, Management Consultant, Author

Length: 26 minutes

Power To The Small Business – Episode #11: Visual Thinking With Dan Roam
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Show Notes:

– Visual Thinking

  1. Discover by taking advantage of our innate ability to see.
  2. Develop ideas in a quick, sketchy, intuitive way.
  3. Share those ideas
– Four Steps to the Visual Process
  1. Look at the problem.
  2. See the patterns.
  3. Imagine new ideas from those patterns.
  4. Show – get it down on paper.
– SQVID: Five questions to get outside the box
  1. Simple or complex?
  2. Qualitatively or quantitatively?
  3. Show a vision or execution?
  4. Individually or in comparison?
  5. The way things are, or the way they might be?


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