reExperience Starbucks: What’s Up Howard?

What’s up Howard?

Howard Schultz rode in on his white horse in January to reclaim his throne as CEO of Starbucks. It wasn’t just the media anointing Schultz, Howard put himself front and center and promised to return Starbucks to its glory. In his first Transformation Agenda Communication,Schultz listed as one of his priorities: 

“Re-igniting our emotional attachment with our customers by restoring the connection our customers have with you, our coffee, our brand, and our stores.

The fact that Schultz called his communication a “Transformation Agenda” hinted of big things to come. Naturally, most people expected a transformation, including me. We are now four months into the transformation and it is difficult to see the re-ignition of emotional attachment that Schultz promised. Granted, Schultz didn’t promise immediate results. Instead, he said it was a 12-18 month timetable. But exactly where is Stabucks positioned on Howard’s transformation time line?

Becky Carroll of Customers Rock! and I have teamed up to reExperience Starbucks and blog about the transformation. Becky joins us for episode 12 of Power to the Small Business to discuss the Starbucks transformation status.

The Guest: Becky Carroll – Customers Rock! blog, Customer Advocate, Consultant, Speaker
Length: 24 minutes 

Power To The Small Business – Episode #12: reExperience Starbucks: What’s up Howard?
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Show Notes:

– Howard Schultz Transformation Agenda

  1. Improving the U.S. business with training, tools and new products.
  2. Re-igniting the emotional attachment with customers through the experience.
  3. Re-aligning and streamlining organizational structure for the benefit of the experience.
  4. International expansion.


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