How to Conduct Your Own Market Research

Episode #7 of the internet show about small business marketing.

Getting to Know Your Customers
Ed Erickson of Erickson Market Research says that market research can be used to decide how you your market yourself. It can be key, he says in finding the differentiating factor.

But many small businesses think that research is a pipe dream, best left to the big boys. Surprise! It doesn’t take a lot of money to conduct research.

Market research is really about gaining customer intelligence. The best way to do that, says Erickson is through your customer.

Power To The Small Business – Episode #7: Conduct Your Own Market Research
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Guest: Ed Erickson – Principal, Erickson Market Research
Topic: Market research for small businesses.
Length: 24 minutes


  • How small businesses can use market research.
  • Discover the benefits people will buy.
  • How to ask your customers questions that gets feedback you can use.
  • Creating a customer feedback mechanism to track what your customers think.
  • The first steps to conducting market research

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